Steering Committee Membership

The SuAsCo CISMA Steering Committee is the governing body composed of 12 members. Each member is elected by the entire CISMA membership for a period of three years. The three year terms are staggered to ensure an even rotation.

The current Steering Committee members include:

Officers Member Organization Representative Term End
Co-Secr. Framingham Conservation Commission    Rob McArthur     Dec 2019
Secretary Lincoln Conservation Commission    Stacy Carter     Dec 2019
Treasurer Mass Audubon    Amber Carr     Dec 2018
  National Park Service    Sarah Bursky     Dec 2019
  New England Forestry Foundation    Whit Beals     Dec 2018
  New England Wild Flower Society    Bill Brumback     Dec 2019
  OARS: For the Assabet, Sudbury and Concord Rivers    Alison Field-Juma     Dec 2018
  Sudbury Valley Trustees    Laura Mattei     Dec 2020
Chair Town of Concord    Delia Kaye     Dec 2020
  Town of Stow    Kathy Sferra     Dec 2019
  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service    Eileen McGourty     Dec 2020
  Westford Conservation Trust    Ron Gemma     Dec 2020