Subcommittee members are volunteers with an interest in the work of the subcommittee. Participation does not require membership on the Steering Committee.


Administration Subcommittee

Chair      Libby Herland U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service  
  Amber Carr Mass Audubon  
  Jeff Collins Mass Audubon  
  Barbara Volke    
  Laura Mattei  Sudbury Valley Trustees  



Control and Early Detection and Rapid Response Subcommittees

Co-Chair Amanda Weise New England Wild Flower Society  
Co-Chair Russ Hopping Trustees of Reservations  
  Amber Carr Mass Audubon  
  Freddie Gillespie Southborough Open Land Foundation  
  Delia Kaye Concord Natural Resources Commission  
  Laura Mattei Sudbury Valley Trustees  

Education and Outreach Subcommittee

Chair      M. John Dwyer Maynard Conservation Commission  
  Matt Burne Walden Woods Project  
  Amber Carr Mass Audubon  
  Gerry DiBello Westford Conservation Trust  
  Barbara Volke Friends of the Assabet River NWR