Annual Priority Actions (APAs)

2014 Annual Priority Actions


Administrative Subcommittee

  • Treasurer’s report
  • 2013’s highlights newsletter
  • Investigate grant opportunities
  • Oversee and implement Nyanza Environmental Damages funds
  • Submit final report for 2013 NFWF grant and track match hours
  • Identify and recruit steering committee members to officer positions
  • Recruit new CISMA members
  • Improve ease of invasive plant permitting
  • Assemble high priority project list
  • Review strategic plan

Early Detection and Control Subcommittee

    • Conduct 2 roundtable discussions
    • Host aquatic plant ID trainings with the state
    • Host early detection species ID trainings
    • provide general support as needed for NFWF grant
    • Provide general support as needed for Nyanza Environmental Damages funds projects
    • Support watershed wide garlic mustard pulling competition
    • Launch EDDMaps

    Education and Outreach Subcommittee

    • Continue to work on expanding website services
    • Continue to take photos of plants for identification and posting on website
    • Host speaker series (Funded by small grants program- RSC)
    • Support watershed wide garlic mustard pulling competition

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