The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishes the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (SuAsCo-CISMA). The Parties to the MOU have a mutual interest in invasive plant control within the SUASCO watershed and recognize that uncontrolled invasive species populations in one jurisdiction greatly affect the ability of other land managers to control invasives on lands they administer.

The Parties desire to come together in a formal manner and promote an integrated invasive species management program throughout the SuAsCo CISMA that includes public relations, education, and training focused on invasive species, as well as, coordination of invasive species control efforts and methods, resource sharing, and other natural resource protection measures relative to invasive species management.

The Parties agree that it is to their mutual benefit and interest to work cooperatively to prevent the spread of invasive species across jurisdictional boundaries within the SuAsCo CISMA. They agree that it is mutually beneficial to inventory, monitor, and control invasive species; and to educate the public, other stakeholders, decision makers, and themselves about the problems with and solutions to invasive species proliferation.

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