Partner Contact Information

For information on partner participation in the CISMA, or for information concerning the partner interests and activities, points of contact are provided below. As always, feel free to contact the Coordinator, Ryan Brown at, 781-259-2148. 


CISMA Partner Name Contact Phone Contact Email
Acton Conservation Commission Bettina Abe 978-929-6634
Berlin Conservation Commission Janda Louise
Carlisle Conservation Commission Sylvia Willard 978-369-0336
Carlisle Conservation Foundation Liz Carpenter 978-369-0336
Chelmsford Conservation Commission Cori Rose 978-250-5248

Concord Land Conservation Trust Gordon Shaw 978-369-6526
Concord Natural Resources Commission Delia Kaye 978-318-3285
Framingham State University Bryan Connolly 508-626-4793
Friends of the Assabet River NWR Betty Wright 508-573-1253
Harvard Conservation Commission Wendy Sisson 978-456-4100

Hop Brook Protection Association Frank Lyons

Lincoln Conservation Commission Dave McKinnon 781-259-2612
Lincoln Land Conservation Trust Anna Wilkins 781-259-9251
Littleton Conservation Commission Amy Green 978-540-2428
Littleton Conservation Trust Rick Findlay 978-486-4031
Marlborough Conservation Commission Priscilla Ryder 508-460-3768
Mass Audubon Jeff Collins 781-259-2159
Mass Division of Ecological Restoration Tim Purinton 617-626-1542
Mass Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program Robert Wernerehl 508-389-6360
Maynard Conservation Commission M. John Dwyer 978-897-1360
Middlesex Conservation District Elizabeth McGuire 978-692-9395
Natick Garden Club Jill Miller
National Park Service Sarah Bursky 617-223-5049
New England Forestry Foundation Whit Beals 978-952-6856
New England Wild Flower Society Amanda Weise 508-877-7630 x3203
OARS: For the Assabet, Sudbury and Concord Rivers Alison Field-Juma 978-369-3956
Southborough Open Land Foundation Frederica Gillespie 508-481-8499
Stow Conservation Commission Kathy Sferra 978-897-8615
Stow Conservation Trust Eve Donahue 978-897-3724
SUASCO Watershed Community Council Nancy Bryant 978-461-0735
SUASCO Wild & Scenic River Stewardship Council Jamie Fosburgh 617-223-5191
Sudbury Conservation Commission Debbie Dineen 978-897-2209 x1371
Sudbury River Watershed Organization Frederica Gillespie 508-481-8499
Sudbury Valley Trustees Laura Mattei 978-443-5588 x134
The Trustees of Reservations Russ Hopping 978.840.4446 x1927
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Stephanie Wilsen 978-692-1904 x108
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Eileen McGourty  978-579-4026
The Walden Woods Project Matt Burne 781-259-4700 x4
Wayland Conservation Commission Brian Monahan 508-358-3669
Wayland Surface Water Quality Committee Tom Largy 508-397-8828
Westborough Conservation Commission Derek Saari 508-366-3014
Westborough Community Land Trust Sue Albadian 508-366-2979
Westford Conservation Trust Ron Gemma 978-944-1942