Trustees of Reservations Black Swallowwort Control

Name:  Russ Hopping

Organization: The Trustees

Phone Number: 978-840-4446 x 1927

Where is the site located?: -71.3483428955078 42.4684982299805 269 Monument St. Concord

Property Overview: The Old Manse, historic house and 9 acres of field, orchard, and floodplain along the Concord River

Management Site Description: 3 acres of native grassland dominated by little bluestem and associated riverbank

How many acres are in the management area: 3

Is it listed on EDDMapS?: No

Habitat Type: Field/forest edge, Fields, Stream bank

Initial Invasive Distribution Description: Invasives had colonized field and stream bank and were disbursing throughout habitat.  Invasive ranged from 100% cover to scattered plants

What this Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR)?: No

What were the target species? Black Swallowwort (Cynanchum louiseae syn. Cynanchum nigrum)

What was the initial percent cover of invasives?: 26-50%

What were the management objectives?: Eradication from site

What was the approximate project start date?: 08/13/2009

Project Summary:  All swallowwort was treated with herbicide

Control Method: Chemical

Disposal Method: Left on site

Detailed Project Timeline:

Swallowwort at TOM has been treated annually with Garlon 3A in mid to late summer (July or August).  Where plants were abundant they were treated using 4% mix using a mist blower and a 2% mix in a backpack sprayer where they were scattered. Data from 8 monitoring plots is collected annually prior to herbicide treatment.  

Was there a restoration component?: No

Restoration summary (if applicable): N/a

Funding Sources: None

Final Acres in Management Area: 3

Percent Cover Invasives Year 1: 28.1%

Percent Cover Invasives Year 2: 11.3%

Percent Cover Invasives Year 3: 11.6%

Percent Cover Invasives Year 5: 0%

Percent Cover Invasives Year 10: N/a

Final Invasive Distribution Pattern: Very scattered with individual plants far apart

Any comments or takeaways? Garlon does a great job on swallowwort, many years of treatment are necessary since small plants are easily overlooked and the seed bank appears to need to be exhausted.  

Is your site open to the public?: Yes

Are you able to provide a tour?: Yes