Take Action and Contractors

Invasive species cause many ecological problems. Though it seems daunting in some places, physically pulling invasives out of the ground or treating infestations with herbicides is the way we can restore “natural” ecosystem functions.

The first step, of course, is learning how to identify invasive plants. Refer to the Invasives pages for fact sheets and photos of our most common invasives, and for those that are just starting to arrive in the watershed.

Once you know how to identify invasives, Report them!

Then, get involved with members of the CISMA and get busy restoring the SuAsCo River Watershed!

Report Invasives

Directions to fill out reporting form:

  1. Link to https://www.eddmaps.org/user/ and follow directions there.
  2. Log in to the EDDMapS site or create a new account.
  3. Click on Report Sightings on the main menu.
  4. Identify the invasive species, and find its location on the map at the bottom right.
  5. Describe the site characteristics of infestation. Where is it located (e.g. along a road or trail, old farm land, established forest, wetland, etc.)?
  6. Upload photo of infestation. Try to get a close shot for identification.
  7. Select the appropriate species from the drop down list. If more than 1 species is present enter information in separate reporting forms.
  8. Enter the coordinates for the infestation manually or use map to navigate to infestation. Zoom in as much as possible and click the map. The coordinates will be automatically added to the form.
  9. Click “Submit Report” button at the very bottom

Contractor List

The following is a list of contractors that have been used by members of the SuAsCo CISMA. These contractors are not officially endorsed by the SuAsCo CISMA. For contact information for the list below click here.

Tree Removal

  • Carlisle Arboriculture
  • Fontaine Tree Experts
  • James English Tree Service INC.
  • R and D Tree
  • Dave’s Landscaping
  • Dennis Tree Service
  • APS Forest Solutions
  • Axe Brothers
  • Daniel Randall Excavating
  • Best Tree and Landscape Service
  • STC Land Services
  • Roger B. Sturgis
  • Kelley Tree Service
  • Kray Small Consulting Arborists

Logging and Land Clearing

  • J.B. Sawmill
  • Norther Tree Service INC.
  • Glidden Timber LLC
  • New England Forestry Consultants
  • Brightman Lumber Co.
  • Horseman Logging
  • N.E. Timberland Investments
  • Richard P. Pantermehl
  • S & K Logging
  • Tucker Mountain Timber Services
  • Bay State Forestry

Mowing and Clearing

  • Rainville
  • Dennis Lewis
  • Rick Melone
  • Landmark Maintenance and Construction
  • TR Landworks LLC
  • Great Oak Services INC
  • Heritage Field Mowing and Maintenance
  • John Brown and Sons INC
  • Land and Mowing Solutions
  • REWC Land Management
  • T-Corp
  • TR Landworks
  • Vegetation Control Services

Landscaping GardeningĀ 

  • Merrifield Garden and Design
  • R.N.H Landscape and Design
  • Metrowest Land Management
  • Groundscapes Express
  • McNulty Landscaping

Habitat-Invasive Control

  • Carlisle Arboriculture
  • Merrifield Garden & Design
  • Applied Ecological Services
  • Land Stewardship Inc.
  • SWCA
  • Solitude Lake Management
  • DeRosa Environmental
  • Bay State Forestry
  • Parterre Ecological
  • Environmental Consulting & Restoration
  • EcoTec
  • All Habitat Services, LLC.
  • Ecological Land Management
  • Got Weeds?
  • Vegetation Control Services
  • Forest Resource Management
  • Groundscapes Express, Inc.
  • Invasive Plant Control, Inc.
  • Lewis Tree Services
  • Native Plant Trust
  • Northeast Fire and Forest Management
  • Northeast Wetland Restoration
  • Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc.
  • BSB Environmental Landscape
  • Landscape Interactions
  • Ecological Landscape Alliance
  • Essex Horticulture