Steering Committee The Steering Committee is the decision making body for SuAsCo CISMA and votes on all CISMA activities.
Administrative Subcommittee (Admin.) The Administrative Subcommittee works with the CISMA Coordinator to implement policies, procedures and programs. It proposes the agenda for all Steering Committee meetings
Education and Outreach Subcommittee (Ed/OR) The Education and Outreach Subcommittee designs and impliments educational materials, lectures, etc, to share information with CISMA membership and the public. It manages the SuAsCo CISMA website.
Early Detection and Rapid Response Subcommittee (ED/RR) The ED/RR Subcommittee focuses on identification, methodology, policies and procedures to control early detection invasive species to share information within CISMA.
Invasive Control Subcommittee (Contr.) The Control Subcommittee meets jointly with the ED/RR Subcommittee to develop procedures to deal with invasive species in general and share that information.