Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River Watershed

Trustees of Reservations Black Swallowwort Control

Name: Russ Hopping  Organization: The Trustees  Phone: 978-840-4446 x 1927

Site location:
-71.3483428955078 42.4684982299805 269 Monument St. Concord

Property overview:

The Old Manse, historic house and 9 acres of field, orchard, and floodplain along the Concord River

Management site description:

3 acres of native grassland dominated by little bluestem and associated riverbank

Acres in the management area: 3  Listed on EDDMaps?No

Habitat type: Field/forest edge, Fields, Stream bank

Was this Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR)? No

Target species:
Black Swallowwort (Cynanchum louiseae syn: Cynanchum nigrum)  

Management objectives:

Eradication from site

Approximate project start date: August 13, 2009

Project summary:

All swallowwort was treated with herbicide

Control method: Chemical

Disposal method: Left on site

Detailed project timeline:

Swallowwort at TOM has been treated annually with Garlon 3A in mid to late summer (July or August). Where plants were abundant they were treated using 4% mix using a mist blower and a 2% mix in a backpack sprayer where they were scattered. Data from 8 monitoring plots is collected annually prior to herbicide treatment.

Funding sources:

Final acres in management: 3

Open to the public: Yes