As we discover good publications, they will be posted below with links to the original publication.

Publications of the Mass. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation on Invasive Species

The Invasives Quarterly (IQ) published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

It’s time to raise your invasive species IQ. In this fun, interactive, digital publication from the USFWS you can be the superhero you always dreamed of and apply your powers to invasive species Early Detection and Rapid Response.

Maynard Beacon Villager Articles by David Mark

The newest publication of great value to plant enthusiasts is the “The Vascular Plants of Massachusetts: A County Checklist, First Revision” produced by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. The checklist is available for $5.00 on CD or $25.00 for the book and CD; instructions for purchase are available on the NHESP web site:

A Landowner’s Guide to Invasive Plant Management¬†

Plants and Insects

Aliens by Douglas Tallamy